Atomospheric Turbo Racer


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The PlaySTEAM® Atmospheric Turbo Racer is an exciting way to introduce kids to air and water pressure and the potential of kinetic energy. Use the booklet and all the included parts to build your own interactive pressure-controlled Turbo Racer. This science kit comes complete with an engine, air pump and gas nozzle. Use water and an air pump to power the race car while learning about the impact of air pressure. Watch how fast your car can go! 
  • Check out how air pressure becomes the power for this little Turbo Racer and how learning becomes fun!
  • Build a race car!
  • Power the race car with air and water! Pump up the race car and then release it to shoot across the ground, at turbo speed! Learn about air pressure!
  • This air pressure learning kit comes with an engine, air pump and gas nozzle.
  • Does not require batteries!
  • Kit includes 17-piece Turbo Racer and 30-page learning booklet.
  • Package measures 9 x 9 x 3 inches (LxWxH).


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