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The Purple Cow The Crazy Scientist Tricks Card Set, Kitchen Science, is an Educational activity for Young Kids 6 and older. It is a great science activity kit for learning STEM. It involves learning and using curiosity through hands-on experiments.

Each experiment can be conducted with basic household ingredients from the kitchen, which you typically have at your disposal. Try any of the experiments with household items such as plastic bottles, paper towels, balloons, strings, etc. If you happen to miss one of these items, simply skip the card and try another experiment…The learning can never really stop!

Each activity kit is designed to help kids learn more about science either alone or together with parent’s supervision.

As a kids science activity cards kit, each card has instructions and images to explain the task.. Ever seen a green sunny side-up egg? ; Can you insert a skewer into a balloon without pooping it? And 18 other exciting experiments! If you haven’t tried these experiments as a kid, you’re sure to love them even as an adult!

We try to make sure the games are easily accessible and fun for kids, because we all know how easily distracted they are these days…

The exact timing of each experiment is depended on the child’s level of comprehension and ability. Some may take seconds to discover while others could take several days. For example, if the experiment includes glue drying. Use this as a science kit for kids who are homeschooled, as a classroom aid or for getting kids interested and excited about STEM learning.

The Purple Cow The Crazy Scientist Tricks Card Set Game, Kitchen Science comes in a reusable metal tin which is 4.1 x 5.6 x 0.6 inches and weighs less than 5 ounces so can easily be mailed. Once at home, we hope you and your kids will spend hours working on the experiments and learn, engage in valuable quality playtime together.




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