Magicube 6 Piece Starter Set


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MAGNETIC FUN: Geomag world magnetic toys has turned toddler magnets into something “magical”. These eco-friendly 100% recycled plastic magnetic building blocks have exciting large mix & match building shapes that click to create imaginary characters. MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION: For little hands learning to balance traditional building blocks, these magnetic building blocks are great for early building and coordination skills. STEM learning toys for boys and girls with boundless construction possibilities. MAGNETIC CREATIVITY: The magnetic blocks and shapes are the perfect building toys for imaginative and creative playtime. You will be surprised how many connecting shapes your toddler can invent. Build preschool kids imagination with magnetic toys. MAGNETIC LEARNING: Magnets are great development and discovery toys. These magnets for toddlers will hold their attention while building hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills. Geomag kids magnets are the strongest magnetic stacking toys. MAGNETIC SUSTAINABILITY: This 100% recycled plastic magnet toy Shapes Starter Set has six pieces. Geomag manufacturing complies with the strictest European and International safety standards. Geomag and kids – playing together for a healthier planet.



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