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The Purple Cow, The Crazy Scientist- Material Adventure Kids Learning and Educational activity Set: Ever wondered how to generate color explosions or make kinetic sand? Well, now you get to try all of these and 18 other amazing science experiments to learn all about the material world around us. Think of this deck of science cards as a full on science kit for kids 6 and older. Use it to create great hands-on experiments and learn about STEM.

This deck of 20 cards involves learning and using curiosity through different experiments. Each card comes with a science experiment which can be conducted by using common household objects like water, scissors, rope, baking soda, etc. It makes a fun and educational tool at home, at school or even at a party.

Give it to the kids and watch them engage in learning about the material world around them. It’s all science and fun for hours on end!

Challenge your kid’s minds and make fascinating discoveries using the magic of science! As an experiment kit for kids, each card has instructions and images to explain what the task is. Each experiment is designed to help kids learn more about science either by themselves or with their parent’s supervision. Try any of the experiments, skip a few, come back when you feel more challenged…The learning can never really stop!

We try to make sure the games are easily accessible and fun for kids because we all know how easily distracted they are these days…

The timing of each experiment depends on the child’s level of comprehension and ability. Some may take seconds to discover while others could take several days, for example, if the experiment includes glue drying.

The Purple Cow, The Crazy Scientist- Material Adventure Kids Learning and Educational activity Set is an ideal kid science learning kit for homeschooling, as a classroom aid or for STEM learning and experiments. The experiments are cleverly designed to be fun, engaging and simple all while using items which can be found in our surrounding, especially indoors. Discover how to conduct color explosions or learn how to make kinetic sand, and much more!

No need for TV, computers or cell phones. This activity card set comes with 20 experiments and has you covered for hours of learning, experimenting, and learning new science tricks.

This kit makes a great gift for all the young and curious people in your life.

Recommended age for these kits is 6-15, although we’ve seen many parents get very involved in the process and love it as much as their children!

The Purple Cow, The Crazy Scientist- ‘Material Adventure’ Kids Learning and Educational activity Set comes in a reusable metal tin which is 4.1 x 5.6 x 0.6 inches and weighs less than 5 ounces so can easily be mailed. Once at home, we hope you and your kids will spend hours on the experiments and learn, engage and play together.



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