Pencil Grip



The pencil grip-

Helps hands and improves handwriting the pencil grip was designed by a doctor and is widely used in classrooms, at home, and in therapeutic settings. The unique shape is designed to be “one size fits all” to help the hands of kids and adults and work for both righties and lefties. The pencil grip can be used as a training tool, and then permanently for added comfort. The pencil grip fits on pencils, primary pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paintbrushes, etc., so its benefits can be widely enjoyed.

The crossover grip –

Unique ‘wings’ for proper position. The crossover grip improves kids handwriting by helping to give more control, reduce hand fatigue, and increase comfort. Writing with the crossover grip is easy and natural. Other rigid, harder grips can cause hand pain and discourage practice. The unique ‘wings’ of the grip cover the thumb and pointer finger gently and hold them in the proper position for gripping – the tripod grip.



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