Sticker Stories Adventure at Sea


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Kids love stickers! And nothing’s better than a sticker that can be repositioned, especially for little hands that may struggle to place it “just right”, or better yet, for making new stories over and over again. Djeco collaborates with 100s of illustrators and artists from around the world to introduce art and craft concepts perfectly matched to the skills and talents of kids of different ages.

The Adventures at Sea Sticker Stories includes a rigid book (great for in the lap) with two whimsical ocean panoramas for creating stories with 50 repositionable stickers. There’s also a space for storing unused stickers. This fun set encourages creative storytelling and will keep kids engaged for hours!

  • Includes two panoramic ocean scenes and 50 reusable stickers
  • Encourages creativity and storytelling techniques
  • Stickers can be placed, removed, and placed again for hours of sticker fun!


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