Taggies Comfy Bunnies


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Taggies was created when two Moms noticed their babies loved to rub the one tag on their blanket. They were crafters and created the original Taggies, a square piece of fabric with lots of sewn in looped ribbons. They took it to a few local independent specialty retail stores and it became a reality. Within a couple of years, retailers across the country were stocking the original Taggies in a variety of prints. To honor their original concept, Mary Meyer has brought back the original creation in updated fabrics and patterns.


– 12×12″

– 5 different Mary Meyer orginal artwork and prints

– Patterned jersey front side

– Soft plush backing

– 20 looped Taggies ribbons

– Clear banded packaging for easy print viewing

– Machine wash, air dry


Why we love Taggies Original:

– It is the original!

– Retailers have been asking for it for over 10 years

– Updated prints and softer fabric



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