Minnie and Moo Wanted Dead or Alive


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When Minnie and Moo are mistaken for bank robbers, will they escape the long arm of the law? The funniest and sweetest buddies since Frog and Toad, Minnie and Moo will earn giggles from young readers. The Minnie and Moo stories are fun independent reads and also perfect for reading aloud, as they’re filled with funny dialogue from these goofy and adorable cows. Denys Cazet was an elementary school teacher for 25 years, and has also been a school librarian and elementary school media specialist. He was inspired to tell stories about the silly cow best friends when he passed a herd of cows in which all but two were facing the same way. Those two nonconformist cows became Minnie and Moo. Minnie and Moo: Wanted Dead or Alive is a Level Three I Can Read book. Level 3 includes many fun subjects kids love to read about on their own. Themes include friendship, adventure, historical fiction, and science. Level 3 books are written for early independent readers. They include some challenging words and more complex themes and stories.



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