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Tender Leaf Toys | Brand Highlight

Watching kids grow and develop their own personalities is so rewarding. Seeing little ones take chances, discover new concepts, build a vocabulary, and begin to move through the world on their own is incredible. And you’ll usually find that on their journey through childhood they’re bringing along with them toys that make them feel safe or secure. Toys that ignite their imaginations or connect with them in some special way. Maybe it’s a bright color or a soft fabric or a unique shape—the connections that kids build with their most treasured toys is meaningful.

Here at Wildling’s Toys, we take special care to source toys that are charming, bursting at the seams with personality and built for longevity. A few questions we always ask ourselves before stocking a brand are:

  • How was the toy manufactured?
  • Has the toy been tested for safety?
  • Will the toy engage little hands and minds?

Tender Leaf Toys

One brand we love to keep on the shelves is Tender Leaf. Harkening back to a time when toys were made from wood, Tender Leaf toys are made from wood and feature imaginative play scenes that let kids learn and grow through pretend play. Here are a few other reasons we stock up on Tender Leaf toys:

  1. They’re tested for safety. Each toy is safe, durable, and tested for safety. This also means they’re free of toxic paints and glues, including heavy metals or lead.  
  2. They’re handmade. Every stage of toy production happensin the same family-run factory. And each toy is hand painted with care.
  3. They’re sustainable. Tender Leaf only uses reclaimed rubberwood, a by-product of the latex industry. And, for every reclaimed tree the company uses, a new one is planted to continue the cycle of regeneration. Plus, packaging includes recycled cardboard and few single-use plastics.
  4. They’re fun! From pet cat sets to miniature cafes to entire doll families, these wood toys are so cute and quirky.

Toy Recommendations

If you’ve got little ones you’re shopping for, here are some awesome Tender Leaf toys we’re carrying right now.

Mini Chef Chopping Board
Life On Mars Set
My Forrest Floor
Peacock Colours

You can browse our entire selection of Tender Leaf toys online. Or, come visit us in-store!