Tiny Monsters


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Did you know you share your home with monsters?! In this book explore the menagerie of tiny and unusual creatures—arthropods (insects, mites, and spiders)—found in our lawns and gardens, our food, our beds, our clothes, and even our eyelashes. You may not know it . . . but you share your home with monsters! Some of these monsters are so tiny that they were barely recognized, even by scientists, until the invention of the electron microscope. Although they may seem like aliens from another planet, these miniscule creatures live right alongside us. And just about all of them are harmless—and some are even helpful! In his signature cut- and torn-paper style, Steve Jenkins shows readers that—seen up close—these pesky critters are as fantastic looking as any creature on Earth. This Caldecott Honor–winning duo also uses informational graphics and diagrams to demonstrate just how big the critters are, where they live, and how many there might be in your home right this second!



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