Construction Sand Toy Set


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Bring out the budding builder in your child with this adorable and realistic construction playset for digging! Kids will love to set out the construction cone and sign to let everyone know they’re about to use their trusty bucket and shovel for a big project in a sandbox, backyard, park or beach.

  • Watch your happy kids imitate actions on big construction sites with their very own sand tools – perfect for a sandbox, backyard, park or beach! A digger bucket, bulldozer shovel, cone and construction sign provide for endless fun.
  • Storage is a breeze with these stackable toys. Simply stack the tools in the bucket when your little one is finished building, and store them neatly with other toys.
  • The playset is designed with smooth, round edges, that are easy for kids to manipulate as they use their imagination and build their creativity. Your child can imitate grownups in a safe, engaging way.
  • The durable plastic ensures the toys are built to last. They’ll serve as perfect hand-me-down toys if your little one someday becomes an older sibling! Your kid will dig and haul all the sand, water and dirt they want without doing damage.
  • These lifelike tools are perfect for tiny hands. Digging away and creating their own earthworks will help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


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